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Quality You Can Rely On

Blightsolution Ltd was created in 2016 for the purpose of providing procurement services and acting as partner for LED lighting companies based in Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

We specialize on the manufacturing and sourcing of LED Lighting products, including lighting source and light fixtures and are located in Taipei, Taiwan, and the mainland China.

We are an international European and Chinese team, with outstanding personalities and fast solving problems. We serve and work for professional lighting companies only.

Our background and knowledge are in led lighting field, when it comes to deal with led lighting projects, we make sure our development process meets your business goals.

blightsolution ltd
blightsolutin ltd - taiwan

our core value

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Customer Focus

Your need is at the center of every decision, strategy & action we take.

Quality Control

Your products go through a Quality Control done by a third party, Free of Charge* in order to maintain our High Standard.

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Consistency is key.

Delivering high quality products with consistent performance. 

Speed & adaptability.

seeking excellence

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We will always provide the shipping method that suit you the best.

Sea, Air or Train.

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follow up

Make sure of your total satisfaction.

At that moment we both will be ready for the new project

more than a simple lighting company

Blightsolution Ltd. first core function is make sure of the satisfaction of our existing and new customers by manufacturing the right lighting products and / or identifying qualified suppliers, based on the customer’s needs and technical requirements.

We now have expanded our services into factory audits, quality inspections and Bespoke lighting. Services that are provided FREE OF CHARGE upon specific criteria (quantity needed).


Over the years we have garnered a very strong list of the best manufacturer of led lighting in China and have increased our customer list with the trust and loyalty of countless prospects worldwide.

That’s because our products are built with quality materials and the latest technologies to meet the highest industry standards.

Blightsolution - your partner of trust

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