Slim linear led retail

Magnetic slim linear led for retail and home decoration

Blightsolution - SLLR - reglette aimente

The SLLR is the first choice for designer to enhance lighting for commercial stores or home decoration.

Its small and elegant design is a perfect fit for high end boutiques or any retailer opting for an aesthetic design.

It is generally installed in shelves, windows (vitrines), cabinet, showcase, corridor, wardrobes or kitchen if it is for a home decoration.

THE most USED product by architects and designers.

2 models to choose from

Blightsolution - SLLR - standard  vs pre

General data

Blightsolution - SLLR - Slim Linear Led

Attention to details

Blightsolution - SLLR - reglette aimente

Small Design, Simple to Plug, Seamless Connection --- Sizes from 10cm to 150cm

Magnet or Clips and a wide range of accessories to fit any type of installation - project